trešdiena, 2010. gada 10. marts

Politics vs Journalism = Dilemma

Yesterday I watched FROST/NIXON

Outstanding movie about probably the best political interview ever made on TV. Well, I won’t tell about the story itself. Those who are interested in history and politics most probably already know what was the film about…

The reason I’m writing about this film is those controversial feelings I got after it. And explanation is very simple – the film is about a journalist against a politician.

For years I was trying to deny that I’m a journalist, because I really never was one for 100%. I was just an editor. I’ve never studied journalism, cause I think it’s not possible to learn it.. Despite this… for more than a half a year I must admit – yes, I am a journalist! (It’s even written in my contract now!) However it’s not up to me to decide if I’m good or not… Well, contrary to some of my colleagues I’m not able to define it!
I’m also still a student of political science, so probably in the future I could somehow connect my job with politics. I’m denying again, that I would like to be a politician in the future (diplomat – would be nice), but who knows – probably the result could be the same as with journalism!

So here’s the big question: If I had to choose from these two things I like, what would I choose – to be a damn good journalist, or to be a damn good politician?

FROST/NIXON showed me that both those things are hard.

For a journalist it is hard to achieve your goal, to get the information, to make a perfect material… But to get the information PEOPLE need to hear. To show the person he or she is, to get his/her opinion, but not to destroy him. Unfortunately it is kind of a „new wave phenomenon” in Latvia: good journalism = destructive journalism! (Mostly TV3 „Nekā personīga”, LTV „De Facto” – a bit less). And if, for example, politicians say that you are evil journalist – it means you are good! Kind of insanity, isn’t it?

For a politician it is even harder. FROST/NIXON displayed a perfect example of how thin is this red line between defending your political views and at the same time – staying a human, staying yourself? Yesterday interviews with our Prime minister also made me think – how thin is this line between telling the same old texts over and over again and the feeling that it is time to tell the truth as well? To tell your own views, to admit that probably you have voted against your heart…
Well there was a joke: What is a diplomacy? It is an ability to tell „Good doggy! Good!” until you can’t find an adequate rock.
And again – no matter what you say… if those evil journalists talk about you, write about you, then you are reaching your voters… Good? Bad?
I think, therefore I am… Does it also work with – I talk, therefore I am?

I feel that there is something in both those case… and I do like both of them.

However right now I guess I must concentrate on my interview today.. It’s gonna be hard, but it’s a challenge.

I as a journalist will face.. a politician!

Wish me good luck!