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Life = Poker

Forest Gump used to say that "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

I’m not actually kind of „sweets addict”, but I like playing cards.

Few days ago, when playing poker, my friends asked me to write something about this game. I was thinking about it and at the beginning had no idea what could be the subject. But then, starting to compare this game and the actual life I realized that poker is mostly the same as the life itself… LIFE = POKER!

My girlfriend says, she wouldn’t like this game, because there is too little you can influence and probably there is too little things which depend on you. Well, at the beginning it might seem so…

The poker, as well as our lives consist of just some main combinations (Simple truths) you can easily remember (Learn). Some of them are very simple and easy to get, some of them are so rare that you can only dream of them.

To achieve a better result, you can use different strategies – you can get strong cards, be absolutely sure of your strength and INCREASE STAKES (some others might have strong cards as well, like the competition as well so the stakes get even higher)… you can FOLD and get out dry from the water (even if later on you’ll have to bite your nails off!)… you can BLUFF to scare your opponent (or you can bluff and lose)…
You never know which card will be the next as well as in the real life – you never know what will come next… But with every next card the picture gets more and more clear and your position either gets stronger or not.

During our last poker session I realized that I’m too far from being a professional, because I sometimes just don’t count all the combinations and possibilities (Probably that’s the explanation of why I am where I am in my life?) Sometimes you just concentrate so much on the thing that you realy would like to get, that you either don’t see anything else or you miss it and somebody else uses this chance in his favour!

I guess I could compare more and more! But better no…
I’ll just mention one more thing - There is one main factor either in our lives and either in poker game.. That’s PEOPLE! People with different attitudes, different strategies, different moods, different thoughts! If you guess them right – YOU’LL WIN!

There is only one major difference between life and poker – there are billions of possibilities and situations in our lives, but the poker game is shaped just out of 52 cards…
However the poker game also lasts for a shorter period of time…:)

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