trešdiena, 2009. gada 16. decembris

FWD messages... just this time!

I hate Forwarded messages! And most of the people feel the same, seeing their mail boxes filled with Fwd: Fwd: Fwd-like messages.
I suppose, usually most of the people, including me, in such situations act the same – just delete these kind of messages without reading.
Last night I received 7 such messages.. All the same! And I couldn’t help myself not reading at least one of them (Why the hell did I do that?). But somehow – I didn’t feel bad at all….

These mails were about a Christmas market, where anyone can buy some nice gifts made by disabled and old people. And about the situation, when such a market has no other advertisement (The authors of the original letter tell, that it’s forbidden!) than some good words forwarded from friend to friend. The idea is just great and I think I will visit this market as well and maybe even forward this message to other people. And probably all together we will make someone feel better this Christmas…

But all this situation made me think about something else.
Lately there have been a lot of activities connected with charity, for example, the initiative I take my hat off in front of these people, who sacrifice their free time to make kids feel better. And I’m really glad that all this started not just before Christmas… Because from time to time I have the impression, that „we are getting better towards others” only before Christmas. Because we HAVE TO, because it’s recognized as being good… Ok, some may say, that we do something good not only before or during Christmas. Let’s say, two charity campaigns organized by LNT (Latvian Independent Television) – yes, lot of people call and donate their money to help sick children… But some may say, I won’t pay, because it’s not possible to help everyone…
And that’s the problem… We (I have to admit, that I’m one of them) somehow forget about people in needs after all these campaigns are over. Because it’s easier not to notice the problems around us but to say that we are helping to solve them from time to time… And it’s always difficult and hard to do something for someone without asking anything for that… We’re living in a material world, as Madonna used to sing

But still, I’ve noticed one paradox… Mr./Madam Crisis has somehow affected everyone of us and I guess there won’t be much people, who would say their financial situation has improved during last year. But despite this, people are participating more and more in different charity campaigns, helping others and donating money… ( I suppose they could afford much more, if not spending so much for voting on different TV shows)

Have we really changed? Have we become better persons?

Unfortunately, I think – not much… However, you have to start from something! And probably Christmas is the right time for that...?

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