trešdiena, 2009. gada 30. decembris

The year is almost over. It started strange and pretty stupid and for some time it seemed that the whole year would be crazy as well.
And it was… Full with difficulties, hard moments and stresses, but of course with nice feelings as well. And despite the predictions on January 1st – there were more positive things and happy moments this year than I thought! But as I said – this year is OVER!

What to expect from the next one… and probably from the next decade as well?
As I wrote in my radio review of the year, nobody can be sure about the forthcoming events neither in our lives, nor anywhere around us. Who knows... Probably we’ll have some new economic crisis and probably Latvia won’t be in the worst situation in Europe (Greece is „threatening” to take this title away from us), probably some new viruses will emerge (maybe we’ll even run out of the names of the animals?) and probably, we’ll even have a new ice age? I’m not talking about the 4’th part of the movie but about a real cold (as some scientists predict – there won’t be global warming, but the cooling of the planet has already started)
But actually – do we really care much about all these things? Yeah... „SURE”… we want to be informed about everything, because everyone just likes to comment everything (but not many of us are willing to change something)…

Somehow my job is to comment… And I will and will have to do that... And I like that! But what can I change? The easiest answer would be – I can’t influence anything, so I won’t change anything… NO, I’m not gonna say that!
And the first thing I’ll try to change will be ME! How? I’ll keep it in secret, because otherwise my determination might not succeed (Yes, I’m superstitious!)

So, 2010… here I come!

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