svētdiena, 2010. gada 3. janvāris

Some journalist once asked a very old man:
- You are 90 years old, but you have never been married. Is it really so, that you have never loved any woman?
And the man replied:
- Yes, Once I met a woman and she was really PERFECT for me
- But how comes you never married her?
- She was looking for her PERFECT man….

This is one of my favorite toasts.

But somehow I realized that this is not only the toast – it reflects some kind of a problem for lots and lots of people. We are doing everything we can, to meet someone perfect for us, however usually it’s a long and sometimes unsuccessful path.

Are there really some perfect people out there? Well, according to a small sign on our yacht, „Nobody’s perfect except the captain”… It means that there are at least 10 people I know very well who might be perfect!:) But it doesn’t mean that you get perfect just by getting the captain’s license…
And actually this story is not about the captains at all… There is no way we can get perfect – not just by being born, not by achieving some heights in our life, not by creating a „perfect” body or not by just thinking we are perfect. So, at least there is always a space for improvements
And by making such improvements we can become just more or less perfect.. at least in the eyes of someone.. Someone we really care about!

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
(Sir Winston Churchill)

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