trešdiena, 2010. gada 27. janvāris

Obama's state of unity

It was a really hard night because of Barack Obama.
I guess he is not a bad man... well, at least he talks well, or it would be better to say that his speechwriter writes a good speech....:)

I won't talk about the speech itself, cause it will be analyzed throughout the next day, days and even weeks.
But I paid attention to the process itself... Well, it took Mr Obama some 5 minutes just to get from the entrance of the Congress chamber to the tribune.. And it took about a minute just to try to silence the crowd of politicians by repeating "Thank you!" again and again...

Well, I'm not an expert (yet?) to talk much about the content of the speech, but it seemed that deputies did like it... Well, it was kind of a hobby for me to count the times when they interrupted president with their applause. I counted 86 times... As I didn't see some 7 or 8 minutes of the speech, the count should definitely be around 100 or more... And I'm sorry, but standing up and getting down every half a minute, shaking heads about every positive sentence, shouting out "yeah!s" really didn't look serious but even stupid...

But I guess that's how American politics work... And most probably it works pretty well...

At least there is one thing they can be proud of - their national confidence is at the top level!

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