trešdiena, 2010. gada 24. februāris

Addictive Tweetmare

It’s been a month and few days since I decided to join Twitter. Well, I tried for so long no to do this, however some pressure from around and at work was stronger. But, probably it was just a curiosity?
I won’t count how many followers I have or how many tweeters I’m following, or how many tweets have I written. When I hear such talks, it sounds like a quarell of small boys about the length of their… Well, I guess you understand me!

What is my impression about Twitter? Well… it is a phenomenon! Can’t argue with that. Noticing some new message or tweet or getting a new follower becomes kind of addiction very soon! Now I know that as well.
There are lot of useful and interesting things on Twitter… For example you exchange different and interesting information with your friends, colleagues, etc. And this information can really be useful! And fast…

However, I’m wondering more and more – if people really want to share something useful or do they write just because of writing? Ok, if it’s your opinion – good, but if it’s mostly some ReTweets… or just writing about everything you hear or see, and expressing your view about everything, for everything, against everything or anyone… Somehow it just reminds me some kind of a nightmare or is it Tweetmare?
And probably it will develop this way...

Yes, one may argue that there is always a possibility to block some user and not to receive information from him or her… But then I’ll lose some followers and my friends will not like me any more, I’ll look like a loser if I’ll have less than 100, 1000 or I don’t know how many followers… Well, I’d like to hope that I’ll never reach such a level of addiction!

But of course, there are also nice things on Twitter… For example – yesterday I decided to follow NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen… he replied with the same thing! Well, of course I know I’m just one of some 6200 followers and one of 6200 he is following, but anyway… nice! Probably he will even learn some words in Latvian! ;)
For me probably the nicest texts I’m reading with the biggest interest are the quotes of famous writer Paulo Coelho. A short sentence and your day becomes brighter… And it’s like that every day… Yesterday, there was one quote, that describes the meaning and the value of Twitter just in few words: Followers come and go, but friends stay!

And that’s the main point! And I guess no more explanations are needed….

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